Our Mission

To recruit, identify and inspire underprivileged United States citizens to  pursue high paying IT positions through a comprehensive training programs both (on-site/online) provided by  B.E.S.S.T.


Goal and Program Overview

 Integration through Tennis 

Our goal is to setup year around tennis and technology camps for inner city youth (ages 8-14). All students will learn to play tennis and score matches. Next, gain a basic understanding of tennis etiquette and play and/or participate in our USTA Sanctioned Novice Tennis Tournaments. If a student(s) demonstrates a serious desired to excel in tennis, our team will guide them to  college scholarships opportunities or possibly a professional tennis career.


After tennis lessons students learn how to build and manage responsive mobile/web sites, cell phone repair, build robots, computer programming and music publishing.  Successful youth will be admitted to our fast track career program.


Fast Track Solutions (The Crown Jewel)

Our fast track program is designed to train and place junior enterprise application developers. Students (ages 8-80) will spend a year learning all aspects of developing enterprise applications.  Fast Trackers will build enterprise applications, participant in Hackathon competitions and bid for projects needed by companies.


Participants are encouraged to develop viable products. Once the product is introduced to the marketplace participants share equally in the profits. This will allow them to generate  royalties for life.  Students will be  taught interviewing skills customized specifically for Junior developers. Once a student is successfully placed in a Junior developer position and makes it through the probationary period they will be required to return to the Fastrack program and teach new students.


If any students was placed in a career position and  doesn’t make through the probationary period they can return to the program and continue to  work on products, build up their speed so that they can be reapply for these lucrative job opportunities. Our goal is to create a “Farm Club” of highly skilled junior enterprise developers.

salesforce Winner

Our Competitive Advantage

Our staff includes a certified Professional Tennis Registry Instructor with 12 years of experience.He has directed numerous National Junior Tennis Association sessions  and is an experienced United States Tennis Association Tournament Director. Also, we have  an award winning cross platform mobile development team. Our  development team has 9 mobile applications for sale on Google Play and Blackberry mobile application stores and now is concentrating on enterprise applications.

Apps on Google Play

Our web site design team has over 20 years experience. We also have a tech team that  repairs phones/tablets/computer hardware. these are additional  skills students can master that will lead to employment. Lastly, for those students who have a unique appreciation for music, a music publishing opportunity is available.  Our music publishing expert has decades of experience and specializes in licensing and catalog administration. Students will learn the mechanics of  how to operate a successful music publishing company.




Los Angeles County’s Bethune Park will be the home and launches the B.E.S.T.T. program. Three additional locations are in negotiation. If all locations are approved we’ll have close to 100 students in the first session. Our first physical location launch date is April 1, 2016. We will be accepting online applications immediately! Franchise opportunities are a natural progression of an innovative program like this.

Our Story

Since 2004  B.E.S.T.T. has successfully trained thousands of underprivileged youth in after school tennis and basic computer skills in the Los Angeles area. These eight week programs have been a source of enjoyment creating positive and lasting imprints on students  for over two decades.



We’ve established an array of perks to fund our vision and goals. Some of our  perks provide students with real live business projects. Please read them carefully and decide to what degree you would like to support our effort, vision and goals. With your  generous donations and support we can offer these programs free of charge to all participants.

Program Funding

In order for this program to grow we need your assistance.  This program can be provided for free with donations from you, This is a real problem and we have real solutions. If you are serious about providing funding/support and need more financial information we’ll gladly email you a PDF of our income statement, sources ,uses and executive summary.  Let’s stop the hemorrhaging….


Return on Investment

What jobs are available once a participant successfully completes the program?

To participate in tennis, a life long sport to promote health. 

 Music Publishing internship leading to possible, copyright or licensing administration.

 Cell/tablet/laptop tech.

Junior Java Developer.

 Front End Web Developer

In Closing 

Our curriculum empowers underprivileged citizens to gain valuable cutting edge IT skills that will make them employable for life.  This is a life course that will benefit these students in a myriad of ways.


Our vision is to preserve opportunities for our citizens! This can only happen with your support. We have the tools to overcome these mountains. We felt it was imperative that you be made aware of  these injustices.


Can you imagine our own government creating restrictive hiring practices, denying our people from economic freedom?  Do you want to continue to witness the outsourcing of our own citizens? Your help is requested.


The return on investment will start when we place our first junior developer. Companies will then realize the impact this program can have by producing qualified employable citizens.  Just imagine what 900,000 United States jobs being filled by our own will do for our economy!






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Building Engineers and Scientists Thru Tennis